This page provides a list of the key functional exercises; describing how to correctly perform the movement, and common mistakes to avoid



The squat is the most fundamental exercise in any training program. It strengthens the powerful muscles of the legs and improves core stability. Everyone should be practicing this movement.



The deadlift teaches the proper technique necessary to lift an item off the floor. It strengthens the posterior chain muscles which include the spinal erectors, the glutes, the hamstrings as well as the core musculature. 



The overhead press is a critical movement that strengthens and ingrains the ability to maintain a stable shoulder position when reaching overhead. It strengthens the shoulders and arm muscles while teaching core stability.



The bench press is already a highly popular exercise performed across the country. Unfortunately, many perform this movement incorrectly which can often leads to shoulder injuries. If done correctly, the bench press is an excellent way to train shoulder stability. It strengthens the chest, shoulder and tricep muscles.