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Who Are We?


Hi, I'm Alex Robles, and the lovely lady is Brittany Noel Robles.  We both hold MD degrees and just like you, we live very busy lives.

We are the first to understand that when you work 80 hours a week, it's really difficult to find time to take care of your health and fitness.

Fortunately, we have found several ways to exercise, eat healthy, and improve our lifestyle despite our demanding schedules.

We have spent the last 10 years learning about health and fitness, and we want to share our knowledge and experience with you. We don't claim to know everything, and we are always looking for new and better ways to improve ourselves.  

If you live a very busy life, and would like to improve your health and fitness, then you've come to the right place!


Why Should You Read The White Coat Trainer?


Our goal is to create a resource that helps doctors, students and other hard-working professionals integrate health and wellness into their busy schedules.

There is a great deal of misinformation out there, and busy professionals don't have time to sort out through the endless information out there.

This website provides simple, high-quality information broken down into different health and fitness categories including: Training, Exercise, Dieting, Recipes, Lifestyle Modifications, Time Management Tips, and more.  The best news is, it's all free to you.

We sincerely enjoy helping others improve their fitness.  The White Coat Trainer is for anyone who struggles to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or simply wants to learn how to improve any aspect of their fitness. We are here to share with you tips on how to feel better, look better and start living a healthy lifestyle, despite working 80+ hours a week. 

We firmly believe that the absolute best way to teach others is to lead by example. Follow along to learn the methods that we use to maintain our fitness lifestyle.

What Do You Need Help With?


Below you will find a few articles that will help you obtain a solid foundation of basic fitness knowledge.

We know that you are extremely busy, and that is why we aim to present only the most valuable information.

This way, you can minimize the time spent navigating through endless, contradictory, (and often misleading) fitness information out there, while maximizing your health.


Don't Let Your Busy Schedule Affect Your Health

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Thank you for taking the time to visit The White Coat Trainer.  I understand that you are always busy, and your readership is much appreciated.

I trust that you will find The White Coat Trainer a useful resource for your health and fitness.

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