Welcome to The White Coat Trainer Resources section. Below is a collection of resources that we have personally used over the past 5+ years which have helped us improve our health and fitness tremendously.  These products are of high quality and we would not be recommending them if we didn't sincerely think that they were great.  We use these products on a daily basis.


 Our Nutribullet has some battle scars from years of heavy use

Our Nutribullet has some battle scars from years of heavy use

NUTRIBULLET 900 Pro Series

I (Alex) have been using the Magic Bullet Company ever since I started medical school in 2011.

It was a much-needed upgrade as I was using a regular shaker cup to mix my post-workout shakes.

My roommate at the time introduced me to the basic Magic Bullet and I used it for a couple of years.  The only downside was that the original Magic Bullet did not last long... Within a year I had to replace it.  

Midway through medical school, I realized that I needed to do a better job of consuming fruits and vegetables so I invested in the Nutribullet to start making our Green Smoothies.

The Nutribullet was a far better product than the original, and now we use it on a daily basis for our post-workout shakes.


What I Like About The Nutribullet 900:

It comes with a larger cup, which can hold up to 32 ounces

The motor uses 900 Watts making it more tough and durable to chop up fruits and vegetables

It's quick, easy to use, and it's affordable


What I Don't Like About the Nutribullet 900:

I did have to replace the blade because the gasket kept coming off.  I think this was a defect that was fixed from the original.

I don't have any other complaints about this product. We're fairly happy with it and foresee ourselves using it for all kinds of protein shakes and green smoothies.




As we began to learn more about nutrition, our Green Smoothies began to evolve. 

We started to make much bigger smoothies with much more ingredients. Given that we were pleased with our Nutribullet 900, we decided to invest in the much stronger version- the NutriBullet Rx.

This powerful blender can tear up large amounts of frozen fruits and vegetables with ease, as well as other tough foods such as nuts and seeds. This thing is strong! 

We use it every single morning to make our breakfast smoothie that contains numerous greens, a handful of fruits, pumpkin seeds and natural peanut butter.


What I Like About The Nutribullet Rx:

1700 watt motor tears through just about anything we put in it

The cup is about the size of a pitcher, which easily serves 2 people 

Super easy to use and even has a "hands free" design which features an auto start and auto stop option


What I Don't Like About the Nutribullet Rx:

This thing is loud. If someone is sleeping in the house, it might wake them up.


All in all we are quite happy with this product. We have been using it now for 4 years without any issues.  We would certainly buy it again.


 Brittany being an overachiever. She now uses an Apple Watch.

Brittany being an overachiever. She now uses an Apple Watch.


I love this thing.

I actually got it for free through my hospital when I started residency. All I had to do was fill out some paperwork regarding my health and wellness and have my lipids and hemoglobin A1C checked.  

It has been one of the most useful things I have owned. It pretty much does exactly what it says it does.

    It can track your steps very accurately, you can screen phone calls and text messages that are coming through and most importantly, for me, it tracks the amount of hours you sleep each night. This part is well worth the price of the device.


    What I Like About The FitBit Alta:

    It has a very slim and sleek look

    It tracks basic exercises, steps, and sleep data fairly accurately

    It congratulates you once you hit 10K steps a day

    The battery life lasts ~5-7 days

    I can see who is calling or texting me without having to reach for my phone


    What I Don't Like About The Fitbit Alta:

    The band.. Ive already had to replace it because it started to detach from the screen. With that being said, I purchased a third party band off Amazon with great reviews and haven't had any issues since.





    Myprotein has become a powerhouse in the supplement industry over the last several years.

    I (Alex) personally have been using their products for the last 5 years because of their great taste, clean ingredients, large product line up and affordability.

    The Impact Whey protein Chocolate Smooth flavor is the best in our opinion. It mixes easily, tastes great and provides 20 grams of Protein at only 100 calories.

    They also have random sales all the time! 

    Recently, we have been using their Pea Protein Isolate to mix things up and get more plant based protein in our diet.

    It is definitely not the best tasting protein, however we add bananas, peanut butter and berries to mix out the taste in our Nutribullet 900.


    Click Here to Check out a List of Their Best Sellers

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