WCT Vegan Berry Cocogurt Recipe


Coconut-Based Yogurt vs Greek Yogurt:

Coconut-based yogurt is a great alternative for those who are dairy free or lactose intolerant. Several brands have emerged and provide several flavors including almond, chocolate, vanilla, and pecan just to name a few. You must be careful because just like traditional yogurt, these flavored yogurts do come with added sugar.

The only downside about coconut-based yogurt is that it doesn't really contain any protein. One simple way to combat the lack of protein is to add some in. Our favorites are hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds.




½ cup coconut milk based yogurt

2 tbsp of hemp hearts

1 tbsp of pumpkin seeds

2 tbsp organic peanut butter (or any type of nut butter)

¼ cup of mixed berries




Total Calories:




Carbohydrates: 12g

Fat: 32g

Protein: 18g 


Total Preparation Time:

5 minutes



Step 1: Add the coconut milk based yogurt into a small glass container

Step 2: Next, add the nut butter

Step 3: Then, add the hemp hearts

Step 4: Lastly, top with mixed berries

Step 5: Store in refrigerator until desired


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