WCT Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Benefits of Peppers:

Who doesn't like a lady in red?

Red peppers are excellent sources of vitamin A and C which helps protect our bodies from free radicals which damages our cells. Interestingly, vitamin A has been shown to reduce symptoms of emphysema and produce better lung health in former and current smokers. They also contain high amounts of vitamin B6 and folic acid which helps reduce our risk of cardiovascular disease and helps prevent anemia. Additionally, peppers contain lycopene, which gives them their red color and has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of many types of cancers. Lastly, red peppers have been shown to have a mild thermogenic effect which increases the metabolic rate allowing our body to burn extra calories.

The crisp, sweet, delicious taste of red peppers make them an excellent addition to any recipe so why not reap all these benefits by consuming these stuffed peppers?




2 peppers (bell or pimentos)

1/2 cup of quinoa

3/4 cup of tomato sauce

1 oz of cheese



tofu, fish or any type of meat

any type of vegetable



Total Calories: 




Carbohydrates: 35g

Fat: 10g

Protein: 10g


Total Cook Time:

15 minutes



Step 1: Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Step 2: Rinse off the bell peppers using cold water

Step 3: Cut the peppers vertically to remove the stem


Step 4: Remove the inner contents and seeds and rinse again

Step 5: Set the peppers aside


Step 6: Cook the quinoa

Step 7: Add the sauce and cheese (and protein/vegetable you prefer) to the quinoa and mix

Step 8: Stuff the peppers with the quinoa mixture

Step 9: Put in the oven for 15 minutes


Step 10: Enjoy


Note: The macronutrients are based on one stuffed pepper without the optional items.


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