WCT Plant Based Jibarito Recipe


Benefits of Plantains:

Plantains, also known as "green or sweet bananas" are a staple part of the Carribbean diet. Unlike their banana counterpart, plantains are usually cooked rather than eaten raw. 

Plantains are rich in many micronutrients such as: potassium, fiber, magnesium, vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that our body requires in order to build an immune system necessary to fighting infection. In addition, the carbohydrates found in plantains are of the complex type. Complex carbohydrates are digested slower than simple carbs which helps keep you fuller and satiated for a longer period of time which can help decrease the need for snacking.

This vegetable can be cooked in the "green form" or "sweet form." When the plantain is green, they could be boiled, fried, and even mashed. In the sweet form, they could be used to make the famous "platano maduro."

In this recipe we will be making a Jibarito, which is a sandwich made with flattened plantains. Give this recipe a try, using the green form of the plantain and let us know what you think!




1 plantain

1 plant based burger

3 sun-dried tomatoes

1 tbsp of tahini sauce 




Total Calories:




Carbohydrates: 70g

Fat: 17g

Protein: 10g


Total Cook Time:

15 minutes



Step 1: Remove all of skin from the plantain using a knife

Step 2: Cut the plantain in half longitudinally


Step 3: Add extra virgin olive oil to a small frying pan (enough to cover the entire surface)

Step 4: Add the plantains to the frying pan, until each side turns brown

Step 5: Remove the plantain from the frying pan, and set them down on a cutting board

Step 6. Flatten the plantains using a flat surface (such as the bottom of a cup)

Step 7. Now add each plantain half back to the frying pan, allowing the plantains to become crunchy

Step 8: Remove the plantains from the frying pan and set in a dish with paper towels to remove excess oil

Step 9: Now add the veggie burger to the pan, allowing both sides to cook

Step 10: Remove veggie burger, cut into small pieces, and add to one plantain half


Step 11: Top with tahini sauce, kale and sun-dried tomatoes



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