Brittany's Strength Training Log Week 2

Brittany Noel Robles' Strength Training Log

Week 2 February 19-24, 2018




Age: 29

Height: 5’4

Weight: 122lbs



Welcome back to another week of training! 


Day 1

Competition Sumo Deadlift                                215lbs           5x3

1-2-3 count pause Bench                                     87.5lbs         4x4

Competition Low Bar Squat                                140lbs          3x10



Day 2

Incline Bench Press                                               82.5lbs          5x3

Front Squat                                                           115lbs            4x4

Snatch Grip Dead Lift                                           140lbs           3x10



Day 3

Pause Squat                                                           165lbs          5x3

Sumo Rack Pulls                                                    250lbs          1x4

                                                                                 245lbs          3x4

Sling Shot Bench Press Touch N Go                      87.5lb           3x10



Day 4

Pull Ups                                                                                      4x4

Dumbbell Shoulder Press                                       30lbs          4x6

Seated Rows                                                           105lbs         4x6

Pushups                                                                                      3x10

Weighed Planks                                                       50lbs         3x30seconds 



Thoughts about the week:

First off, apologies for not taking much videos this week- I was super lazy. Overall this training week went well. I decreased the weight on front squat because I didn't want to compromise my form. I increased the weight by 5lbs on sumo rack pulls but after my first set, I decided to drop the weight and repeat last weeks 245lbs. 

I am super excited with my bench progress. The bench press was always a movement I dreaded but lately I been really looking forward to it. 

Stay tuned for week 3! Feel free to comment below with any questions or concerns.