Brittany's Strength Training Log Week 1

Brittany Noel Robles' Strength Training Log

Week 1 February 12-17, 2018




Age: 29

Height: 5’4

Weight: 122lbs



Welcome back to another week of training! 


Day 1

Competition Sumo Deadlift                                210lbs          5x3

1-2-3 count pause Bench                                     85lbs           4x4

Competition Low Bar Squat                                135lbs          3x10



Day 2

Incline Bench Press                                               80lbs           5x3

Front Squat                                                            135lbs           4x4

Snatch Grip Dead Lift                                           135lbs           3x10



Day 3

Yoga                                                                         60 minutes



Day 4

Pause Squat                                                             160lbs          5x3

Sumo Rack Pulls                                                     245lbs          4x4

Sling Shot Bench Press Touch N Go                      85lb             3x10



Day 5

Pull Ups                                                                                      5,4,4,4

Dumbbell Should Press                                          30lbs         4,5,5,5

Seated Rows                                                            100lbs        4x6

Pushups                                                                                      13,11,10

Weighed Planks                                                       45lbs         3x30seconds 



Thoughts about the week:

For this program, you need to know your 1RM so that you could determine what weight to use. My squat 1RM from my USAPL competition in October 2017 was 231lbs and my deadlift 1RM was 300lbs. (As promised, I tested out my bench 1RM last week and got 105lbs!!!! (I was super happy because I missed 104.5lbs at my last competition, after being peaked.))  The reason why I mention this is because currently, the only true 1RM is my bench. Although I used my 1RM for the squat and deadlift, I made sure to play it conservatively. 

Bench felt amazing this week. The goal is to get stronger in the lift so Alex and I picked bench exercises that would do just that- 3 count pause, incline, and sling shot (since I have to perform 10 reps).

I haven't performed the low bar back squat in quite some time so that felt good. Front Squats are the bane of my existence. I am not sure if my back muscles are weak or if its my hips or ankles but I cannot maintain an upright position nor upright elbows. 

Deadlifts made me feel super weak although I am impressed with my form which I could give thanks to the deficit deadlifts. 

Excited for week 2! How is your training going? What program are you using? Post your questions and comments below.