Brittany's Hypertrophy Training Log Week 4

Brittany Noel Robles' Hypertrophy Training Log

Week 4 February 5-9, 2018




Age: 29

Height: 5’4

Weight: 120lbs



Welcome back to Week 4 of my training log! 


Day 1

Incline Bench Press Normal Grip          70lbs 

High Bar Squat                                      140lbs          3x9

Barbell Bent Rows                                 90lbs           3x9

Weighted Planks                                   45lbs            45,30,30sec




Day 2

Leg Press                                               145lbs 

Good mornings                                      65lbs            5x12

Arnold Press                                          30lb DB        6.6.5

Paused Ab Wheel Rollout                                           3x10




Day 3

Bodyweight Pushup                                          

Barbell Bent Rows                                 90lbs             3x10

Arnold Press                                          30lb DB         6.6.5

V ups                                                                            3x25



Day 4

Deficit Deadlift                                       170lbs  

Stiff Leg Deadlift                                    170lbs            3x6

Dumbbell Lateral Raise                          12.5lb DB       4x15

Reverse Crunch on a Bench                                          3x25




Day 5

Barbell Walking Lunges                          65lbs             4x12

Incline Bench Press                                 65lbs             3x5 (Reps were to be half of Mondays)

Overhand Pullups                                                          4x5

Weighted Planks                                     50lbs             45,30,30sec



Thoughts about the week:

This week, my program called for exercises to be performed at RPE 9 and it was actually a great week. 

Monday's workout was awesome. I felt super strong on the bench- probably could have gotten 10 but decided to play it conservatively.  I decided to join Alex in training abs by performing weighted planks. I put a 45lb plate on my back and was able to hold my first rep for 45 seconds. 

Tuesday we got to the gym late because of work and didn't have much time to train so I decided to change up my workout and do leg press instead of squats and good mornings instead of deficit deadlifts. Performing 5 sets of 12 for good mornings was a bad idea- I was sore until Sunday! I was shocked at my 30lbs Arnold Press performance. For those of you who follow me on instagram may remember the time when I couldn't even dumbbell bench press 30's! 

Wednesday was another great day. My program called for 30lbs weighted kneeling pushups but I decided to just do body weight pushups and I couldn't believe how many reps I was able to get!

I finished the week with deficit deadlifts and lunges. DD's felt so light that after 9 reps, I just decided to stop. It was definitely not RPE9 but I felt as though I could have gotten a lot more. Barbell lunges also felt super easy- I definitely could have gotten more than 12 per leg. 

Next week is deload week and I couldn't be happier- my body definitely needs it. I am going to test out my 1RM on bench so stay tuned (I pressed 100lbs for a pause back in October so I am hoping for 115). 

Wish me luck!