Brittany's Hypertrophy Training Log Week 3

Brittany Noel Robles' Hypertrophy Training Log

Week 3 January 29-February 2, 2018




Age: 29

Height: 5’4

Weight: 121lbs



Welcome back to Week 3 of my training log! 


Day 1

Incline Bench Press Normal Grip          70lbs 

High Bar Squat                                      135lbs          3x8

Barbell Bent Rows                                 85lbs           3x10

Neutral Plank/L Side/R Side                 3x50sec hold



Day 2

High Bar Squat                                       135lbs           5x8

Deficit Deadlifts                                     165lbs           3x8

Arnold Press                                           25lb DB

Paused Ab Wheel Rollout                                           3x10




Day 3

Kneeling Pushup                                    25lb              5x14

Barbell Bent Rows                                 90lbs             3x9

Arnold Press                                          25lb DB

V ups                                                                            3x25




Day 4

Deficit Deadlift                                       165lbs            4x9

Stiff Leg Deadlift                                    165lbs            3x8

Dumbbell Lateral Raise                          12.5lb DB

Reverse Crunch on a Bench                                         3x25



Day 5

Barbell Walking Lunges                          55lbs             4x12

Incline Bench Press                                 65lbs             3x5 (Reps were to be half of Mondays)

Overhand Pullups                                                          4x4

Dumbbell Lateral Raise                           12.5lbDB       4x13

One hand over head carry                       30lbs            1x300feet

One hand farmer carry                            50lbs             1x300feet




Thoughts about the week:

This week, my program called for exercises to be performed at RPE 8. You will also notice that several exercises had 4 sets instead of 3 sets (arnold press, dumbbell lateral raise and pull-ups).

I decided to show a video of ab wheel roll-outs because I frequently see this exercise performed incorrectly and it could lead to low back issues. When performing this exercise it is crucial to remember quality over quantity. The back angle should NEVER change. If your low back drops, you are going too low. Because I don't go as low on this exercise, I pause at the bottom to get even more of a burn. Try it and let me know what you think.

Pushups are going so well! I really couldn't believe how easy 25lbs felt on my back. I was so happy that I was able to get 14 reps on all 5 sets. This was a huge PR for me and I cannot wait to test out my 1RM on bench.

Stay tuned for week 4! Feel free to comment below and let me know how your training week went.