Brittany's Hypertrophy Training Log Week 2

Brittany Noel Robles' Hypertrophy Training Log

Week 2 Jan 22-27, 2018




Age: 29

Height: 5’4

Weight: 120lbs



Welcome back to Week 2 of my training log!


Day 1

Incline Bench Press Normal Grip          70lbs           6,7,7,6

High Bar Squat                                       135lbs          3x7

Barbell Bent Rows                                  85lbs           3x9

Neutral Plank/L Side/R Side                 3x40sec hold




Day 2

High Bar Squat                                       130lbs           5x7

Deficit Deadlifts                                     165lbs           3x7

Arnold Press                                           25lb DB        3x8

Paused Ab Wheel Rollout                                           3x12



Day 3

Kneeling Pushup                                    20lb              5x10

Barbell Bent Rows                                 85lbs             3x9

Arnold Press                                          25lb DB         3x8

V ups                                                                            3x25




Day 4

Deficit Deadlift                                       165lbs            4x7

Stiff Leg Deadlift                                    165lbs            3x6

Dumbbell Lateral Raise                          12.5lb DB       3x11

Reverse Crunch on a Bench                                         3x12



Day 5

Barbell Walking Lunges                          55lbs             4x10

Incline Bench Press                                 65lbs             3x4 (Reps were to be half of Mondays)

Overhand Pullups                                                          4.3.3

Dumbbell Lateral Raise                           12.5lbDB       3x11

One hand over head carry                       30lbs             1x250feet

One hand farmer carry                            50lbs             1x250feet





Thoughts about the week:

Overall I think this week went well. I feel that I am back in the groove of powerlifting after taking an 8 week Physique Cycle hiatus. The weight is feeling good and I am happy with my rep range on the exercises performed.  

Without fail, day 2's workout always leave me feeling super nauseous. I should have mentioned last week that I am extremely strict about my rest periods- I set a timer for 2-3 minutes so performing 5 sets of squats in approximately twenty minutes followed by 3 sets of deficit deadlifts feels like a marathon for me. However, I must say I am feeling a bit stronger on the deficit deadlifts.

I am also feeling stronger when performing the weighted kneeling pushups which I am hoping will translate into a stronger bench press. The most weight I ever benched was 100lbs, paused, for 1 rep back in October. With the high volume on pushups as well as the incorporation of incline bench press twice in the week, I am confident I will be able to press well over 100lbs at my next competition.   

Stay tuned for week 3! Feel free to comment below and let me know how your training week went.