Alex's Training Log Week 3 and Week 4

Alex's Training Log

Week 3

Jan 29-  Feb 9th



Height: 5’8

Weight: 163 lbs





This is the third and fourth week of my hypertrophy cycle. Weights were increased again and thankfully I continued to feel strong throughout the week. Some sets reached RPE 9 but overall I am happy with the progress.


Day 1

Deficit Sumo Deadlifts                          275lbs           2x7      ->   280lbs    1x6, 1x7

Paused High Bar Squat                         205lbs           8x7      ->  215lbs     2x8

Incline Close Grip Bench Press             155lbs            2x8      ->  160lbs     2x8 

Romanian Deadlifts                               165 lbs           2x8      ->  170 lbs    2x8




Day 2

Leg Press                                              210lbs           4x8       ->   220lbs    4x8

Paused Close Grip Bench Press           210 lbs          3x7       ->   215lbs     1x8, 2x6

Barbell Rows                                         145 lbs          2x8       -> SKIPPED

DB Shoulder Press                                110 lbs          2x7        -> SKIPPED




Day 3

Deficit Sumo Deadlifts                          280lbs           3x7        ->    280 lbs      3x8

Paused High Bar Squat                         205lbs            4x7       ->   225 lbs        2x7, 2x6

Chin Ups                                                BW+20 lbs     2x8       ->   BW+25 lbs   3x8  

Face Pulls                                               60 lbs           3x10       ->   60 lbs           3x10



Day 4

Incline Close Grip Bench Press             155lbs           5x8        ->    160lbs      5x8

Leg Press                                               205lbs          2x8         ->   205lbs     2x8

Barbell Rows                                         145 lbs          2x8          ->   150lbs      3x8

DB Shoulder Press                                110 lbs            2x7         ->    110lbs       3x8



Thoughts about the cycle

Overall I was able to keep increasing the weights while keeping the reps relatively constant.  This is the key to long term growth and sustainability.  It is important to go up slowly and methodically.

I was only planning on a 4 week cycle of hypertrophy. The following training cycle I will go back to some heavier lifting which is always exciting.

This is another critical aspect of exercise. It is important to periodize your training, which means that you should do cycles of light, moderate and heavy weights to keep your body working optimally.  See you for the next one!