Alex's Training Log Week 2

Alex's Training Log

Week 2

Jan 22- 27



Height: 5’8

Weight: 164 lbs





This is the second week of my hypertrophy cycle. Weights were bumped up a bit from the previous week, but overall everything still feels easy. All sets were between RPE 7 and 8.


Day 1

Deficit Sumo Deadlifts                          270lbs           2x7

Paused High Bar Squat                         195lbs            2x7

Incline Close Grip Bench Press             150lbs           2x7

Romanian Deadlifts                               165 lbs          2x7




Day 2

Leg Press                                              200lbs           4x8

Paused Close Grip Bench Press           205 lbs          3x7

Barbell Rows                                         140 lbs          2x8

DB Shoulder Pres                                  110 lbs         2x6




Day 3

Deficit Sumo Deadlifts                          275lbs           3x7

Paused High Bar Squat                         195lbs            4x7

Chin Ups                                                BW+15 lbs     2x8

Face Pulls                                               60 lbs          2x10



Day 4

Incline Close Grip Bench Press            150lbs           5x8

Leg Press                                               200lbs          2x8

Barbell Rows                                         140 lbs          2x8

DB Shoulder Press                                110 lbs            2x7



Thoughts about the week:

I gained a couple of pounds this week which is good. Weights are still pretty easy which is how it should be at this stage.

Things Im struggling with: I am trying to hone my technique on the deficit sumo deadlifts which are a brutal exercise. I injured my low back 3-4 yrs ago so I am always minding my deadlift technique. I think I'm starting to get used to it.

Im also struggling with how weak my Incline Bench Press is. I guess this is a movement that I have neglected for far too long. 

Next week I plan to bump up the weights a little more while keeping the repetitions relatively constant.