Alex's Training Log Week 1

Alex's Training Log

Week 1 Jan 15-21, 2018



Height: 5’8

Weight: 162 lbs





Welcome To My Training Log

Thank you for joining me on my training journey for 2018. Brittany and I just started a Hypertrophy training cycle that will last approximately 5 weeks. The goal of this cycle is to perform different variations of the major compound movements at higher volumes. The minimum amount of repetitions I will be getting is 6, with a maximum of 12.  Everything will be at about RPE 7-8.

The goal of this log is to show how I am currently training, and to show how I modify my training based on how busy I am at the moment. 

I will update this log on a weekly or a bi-weekly basis, showing you what exercises I am performing along with the sets and reps. 


Without further ado, here is what I performed this week.


Day 1

Deficit Sumo Deadlifts                          255lbs           2x7

Paused High Bar Squat                         185lbs            2x7

Incline Close Grip Bench Press             145lbs           2x8

Romanian Deadlifts                               155 lbs          2x7





Day 2

Leg Press                                              190lbs           4x8

Paused Close Grip Bench Press           195 lbs          3x8

Barbell Rows                                         135 lbs          2x8

DB Shoulder Pres                                  100 lbs         2x6




Day 3

Deficit Sumo Deadlifts                          255lbs           3x7

Paused High Bar Squat                         185lbs            4x7

Chin Ups                                                BW+15 lbs     2x8

Face Pulls                                               55 lbs          2x8



Day 4

Incline Close Grip Bench Press            145lbs           5x8

Leg Press                                               190lbs           2x8

Barbell Rows                                         135 lbs          2x8

DB Shoulder Press                                100 lbs         2x6



Thoughts about the week:

This was a nice and easy introductory week to the training cycle. When performing movements for the first time its always important to

  • Start Light
  • Focus on Technique
  • Build up Slowly

This was my first time doing high bar squats and deficit deadlifts in a long time. Both of these movements increase the range of motion of the exercise, making it more difficult than normal.  I am trying my best to perform each major exercise twice a week, and to perform ~6 working sets of each movement per week.  

In week 2, I will slowly add more weight to each exercises while trying to keep the weight the same.