White Coat Trainer Training Log


Thank you for reading the WCT. This year, we thought that it would be a good idea to post what our current training looks like.

We will be posting weekly-biweekly updates of our exercise program here on The White Coat Trainer.


This will be a training log of sorts, and it will include

  • The exercises we are performing
  • The number of sets and reps we are performing
  • As well as some commentary on our workouts


The goal is to demonstrate how we are currently training, how we modify our training throughout the year, based on how busy we are, and what our current training goals are at the moment. 

There will also be an occasional video from time to time of the exercises, highlighting any technical points and weekly progress.


Its always a great idea to keep a log of your own training to make yourself accountable for your progress and your fitness levels.


If you are interested, follow along at the


WCT Training Log




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