31 Day Exercise Challenge for Busy Professionals [Get Fit at Home]

Hi, welcome to the WCT Exercise Challenge. This is a 31-day program designed to get you started on a simple, yet effective exercise regimen that you can perform at home with no equipment.

Each session should take you approximately 5-30 minutes to complete: The workouts will progressively increase in volume and will take longer to perform as you progress.

The goal is to perform this program in 31 consecutive days.

At the end of the challenge, you will be much stronger and familiar with key functional exercises. 



The Exercises

The program includes three of the highest yield exercises: 

  • The Push-up

  • The Squat

  • The Plank


Do not underestimate them! There is a reason why they have been popular for decades.

Using these three exercises, you will be training your full body on a daily basis.

Every session gets progressively more difficult as the repetitions increase each day. You can take as many sets as necessary to accomplish the required repetitions. 


For the Push-Up, use whatever variation is appropriate for your skill level.  

Err on the side of using an easier variation as the difficulty ramps up quickly.

This video shows the standard push-up, as well as push-up progressions and regressions.


The same goes for the Squat.  Err on the side of using an easier variation if you are new to this movement.


This video will go through Basic Squat Progressions


The Basic Plank variation should be sufficient for most people. 

exercise challenge - plank


Warning: You may want to take Before and After photos.


So without further ado, here is the challenge...


The WCT 31 Day Challenge


Day 1: 5 Squats 5 Push-ups, 5 second Plank

Day 2: 7 Squats, 7 Push-ups, 10 sec Plank

Day 3: 9 Squats, 9 Push-ups, 15 sec Plank

Day 4: 11 Squats, 11 Push-ups, 20 sec Plank

Day 5: Off

Day 6: 14 Squats, 14 Push-ups, 25 sec Plank

Day 7: 17 Squats, 17 Push-ups, 30 sec Plank

Day 8: 20 Squats, 20 Push-ups, 35 sec Plank

Day 9: 23 Squats, 23 Push-ups, 40 sec Plank

Day 10: Off

Day 11: 26 Squats, 26 Push-ups, 45 sec Plank

Day 12: 29 Squats, 29 Push-ups, 50 sec Plank

Day 13: 32 Squats, 32 Push-ups, 55 sec Plank

Day 14: 35 Squats, 35 Push-ups, 1 min Plank

Day 15: Off

Day 16: 36 Squats, 36 Push-ups, 65 sec Plank

Day 17: 37 Squats, 37 Push-ups, 70 sec Plank

Day 18: 38 Squats, 38 Push-ups, 75 sec Plank

Day 19: 39 Squats, 39 Push-ups, 80 sec Plank

Day 20: Off

Day 21: 41 Squats, 41 Push-ups, 85 sec Plank

Day 22: 42 Squats, 42 Push-ups, 90 sec Plank

Day 23: 43 Squats, 43 Push-ups, 95 sec Plank

Day 24: 44 Squats, 44 Push-ups, 100 sec Plank

Day 25: Off

Day 26: 45 Squats, 45 Push-ups, 105 sec Plank

Day 27: 46 Squats, 46 Push-ups, 110 sec Plank

Day 28: 47 Squats, 47 Push-ups, 115 sec Plank

Day 29: 48 Squats, 48 Push-ups, 2 min Plank

Day 30: Off

Day 31: 50 Squats, 50 Push-ups, 2 min 30 sec Plank

If you have gotten to this point, congratulations! You are a much stronger version of yourself. 

You can repeat the program as many times as you'd like.  Start over on Day 11 using a more challenging variation, or add 5-10 lbs to each exercise to increase the difficulty.

You will keep making progress as long as you are abiding by the 3 Essential Principles of Exercise Routines.

But That’s Not All…

We also have an extremely comprehensive guide on more bodyweight exercises so that you can never run out of exercises to choose from.

We also teach you how to create a home workout program that can be done in as little as 15-20 minutes a day!

What other excuses do you have to not workout?

Comment below and let us know!

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